Love the words! I certainly do. You can play with them, change them, make them roll off your tongue, and mould them to jump off the page, or just simply absorb them as you leap inside a book. I find words enchanting and delight in experimenting with them in my own writing. I want to share my passion with others too, and help them find creative ways to bring words alive and to use language to confidently express themselves. 



My work experience is diverse and interesting and I have enjoyed every bit of it! The practical knowledge I have gained from each one has fed perfectly into the other.  

With over fifteen years experience as a teacher I always try to ensure learning is engaging and individual.  I also provide support and find strategies to help children overcome any barriers that could be stopping them reaching their full potential.   

I am particularly interested in literature and the arts and discovering creative ways to help people express themselves through words and making poetry and prose accessible to all, whatever their age, background or ability!  I also write myself, including a weekly blog and stories for young children. 

And then of course, my most important role of all, being a mum to a wonderfully cheeky seven year old boy.
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